2013 Season Recap

As it is now mid June, it feels appropriate to write up a summary of our season and reflect on the highs and lows of the season.  It is never easy to see a season end after the hard work and dedication put in by all members, but it is never too early to start remembering all of the positives to take out of it.  GT Tribe was faced with a lot of questions after its first trip to nationals in 20 years and with the departure of Callahan winner Nick Lance.  The bar was set high and Tribe sought to prove that we are a reputable club which has a deeper roster than what would appear.  With the younger members of the team finally proving their worth, notably RSS Devon “it’s a thing” Rogers, and a strong team of leaders including, Brian “Wolverine” Ventura, Karl Staber, and Jay Clark, Tribe was poised to do great things. From the Saturday morning practices at Maddox Park to the after class throwing sessions the team formed together as one, to rise to the challenges of the season.   Here are the some of the most memorable moments of the season (which may hopefully one day come in video form, with baller music):

Taking the pool at Regionals

Big Bird Swan Dive at CCC

Tyler’s layout D on first throw at ACC’s

Devon’s rip in the Finals of ACC’s and his sick layout grab D at Centex

JP Sleazing it up with layouts at Regionals and ACC

Handler Pat swaging it up errwhere

Snake in the grass on National Champs Pitt and Devon destroying Jojah’s attempt at one on us at Warm Up.

100% on pull catches for the season

Wolf channeling the power of Texas to take over the duty of both Strephen and Karl at Centex


Lex bookends vs Florida

Preus being the most vet rookie and calling a time out

Jay Clark for Jay Clark (come on, look at that face)

You can't stop the smug

You can’t stop the smug

Karl surviving his face explosion

Jack and Strephen love connection on hucks (1-1 for both)

Plus much more, that would be ridiculous to keep writing.

To prove that the we really did get better over the season, here we are at the beginning:

P.S. He plays for Chain

Tribe would also like to congratulate all of our graduating players or those still at Tech but have no more eligibility:

-Jay Clark

-Brian Ventura

-Jack Krieger

-Nick Hunter

-Tyler Plunkett

-Johnny Walsh

-Chris Purvis

-Lex Overholt

Congrats to Jay Clark for finishing top 5 in Callahan voting and making NexGen (though how could he not with that face (see image above)).  If you haven’t watched his video over 10 tens you should now:

Also congrats to Jack Krieger on making Chain, bringing the current Tribe alumni on Chain to 5.

For more updates follow us on twitter @GTTribe

(Also USA Ultimate, if you’re reading this, and we know you are, Fuck Tupelo).

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