Player Profile: Alex Cooper

Tribe rookie Alex Cooper is a character. After helping lead Tufts to quarterfinals at the 2012 College Championships, he transferred to Georgia Tech for graduate school, while continuing to play with Ironside for the 2012 club season. Alex is the second Tufts player to come to Georgia Tech. Tufts is basically the Kansas City Royals. Even though Alex missed both of Georgia Tech’s tournaments (win at Itchfest, 3rd at CCC) this fall due to Ironside commitments, he’s fully on board for the spring 2013 season. Let’s get to know the oldest rookie on the planet!

Alex throws one of several hundred around breaks for Tufts.

Alex throws one of several hundred around breaks for Tufts.

GT Tribe: What made you choose GT for your master’s degree? What are you studying? Have you taken the time to explore Atlanta?

Alex Cooper: I chose GT for my masters in Paper Science and Engineering for my long term goal of working at Dunder Mifflin. I’ve since learned that it is a marketing ploy by Staples, but that won’t stop me from completing my thesis on why they should open up a new branch at the IPST. I’ve been trying to explore Atlanta, but Professor Yulin Deng and I have been working really hard recently, so I haven’t had much time.

GTT: How did your summer and fall with Ironside improve your game and prepare you to run a college offense better?

AC: I don’t know if Ironside improved my game at all, actually. They just kept telling me things like “stop throwing jump balls to Adrian,” “don’t throw thumbers to in-cuts,” and “if you pretend to be McCarthy on the phone with USAU again, you’re getting benched.” No helpful advice whatsoever. That said, I think I’ll fit in well with GT’s offense – I’ve just started doing Crossfit and I got a dog named Amir.

GTT: It’s common knowledge that you’re usually the least athletic person on the field. How do you manage to get open and play defense?

AC: I actually have been working really hard on that whole unathletic thing people mention – I’ve completely stopped going to the gym. For getting open, I have some pretty cool alien technology which makes people forget I’m playing, and before you know it, I just catch the disc. As for the “defense” thing, I’m not sure what that means, so I’ll ignore that part of the question.

GTT: Are you still together with your fake girlfriend?

AC: Sadly, no.

Anticipate Alex winning the "Most Photogenic" paper plate award in 2013.

Anticipate Alex winning the “Most Photogenic” paper plate award in 2013.

GTT: What about Tribe has been different from other teams you’ve been on with Tufts and Ironside?

AC: Great question – Tufts has this stupid system where there are other handlers, instead of just 6 cutters who give me the disc back each time they catch it. Ironside’s is even dumber – one of those other handlers was the captain, so he wouldn’t even listen to reason about it. I love that GT lets me play my game (which is just doing whatever I want) and doesn’t limit my creativity.

GTT: Where is Tufts? We asked Jay, he just kind of shrugged and pointed.

AC: obviously. Jeez, LMGTFY, amirite?

GTT: You’re reputedly one of the best Icers in the game. What has been your most memorable Icing?

AC: Well, with hard work and dedication to my Icing game, I’m hoping to go down as one of the greats of all time. I think my most memorable Icing was right after I came out of retirement. I worked hard to get to my peak, but I thought there was nothing left to challenge me, so I quit the game and picked up playing Minor League baseball for a while. I came back with a vengeance, though, and Iced back-to-back Callahan winners, so whoever the winner is in 2013 (Jay?), watch out, because I’m coming for you.

GTT: The last three Nationals events you’ve attended, you’ve lost in prequarters, quarters, and semis, respectively. Will this trend continue in May 2013?

AC: No, because the streak was completed with my attendance of the National Badminton Championships in November (we lost in finals). My goal for Spring 2013 is to complete “The Bridesmaid Trifecta” (coming in 2nd in Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals).

Context was not explained here, but assume Alex is getting torched deep.

Context was not explained here, but assume Alex is getting torched deep during a T-Rex point.

GTT: Since you’re fat, is Atlanta too warm even in the winter?

AC: I prefer the term big-boned, but regardless, yes. I thought all of the cookie-induced blubber would be good, but I’m sweating buckets. I need to buy more combination bathing suits/shorts. (Editor’s note: One nameless current Tribe member is exempt from “suns out, guns out”.)

GTT: What’s it like being reunited with [former Tufts teammates] Jay Clark and Andrew Hollingsworth?

AC: I am incredibly excited to work with Coach Hollingsworth – I’ve heard that his coaching tactics are unparalleled. Plus he does that cool side thumb thing in pictures, which is hilarious. Jay, meh.

GTT: Do you have anything else to comment on?

AC: Yes, there is something I’d like to say to Tufts: “Suck it, Rickshaw.”

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