Nationals Results

2012 Nationals Results:

-We’ll go ahead and lead off with… Congratulations to Nick Lance on winning the Callahan Award, the most prestigious individual award in college ultimate.

The Callahan Award has been established to recognize the most valuable players in men’s and women’s college ultimate. Each year the Callahan trophy is presented to the man and woman who combine superior athleticism with outstanding sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to the sport of ultimate.

-Tribe came in seeded 17th, and 5th in the A-pool.

-Tribe rode hard man defense and a ridiculous deep game to a 15-10 win over A3 North Carolina Darkside. Nick won the game with a crowd-pleasing scoober.

-Game 2 was against overall 1-seed Oregon Ego. The captains elected to play open lines against the talented team and try to save legs for Saturday’s games, losing 15-7.

-On Saturday morning, GT faced Minnesota Grey Duck, in which a win could mean the opportunity to get second in the pool. Despite going up 6-4, 8-7, and 12-11, Tribe was unable to close out the game, losing 13-12 in a heartbreaker.

-Saturday afternoon GT did just enough against Ohio, losing 14-11 to take third in the pool by point differential and advance to pre-quarters.

-Pre-quarters was yet another matchup against Southeast Region winner UCF Dogs of War, our fourth this spring and fifth including CCC 2011. The wind picked up significantly, and the team’s now-tired legs and a hand injury to Nick Lance finished GT’s title dreams, 15-8.

-With the opportunity to play for 9th place, Tribe decided to play largely open lines against Colorado and California. Unfortunately, those games ended on the wrong end for Tribe, resulting in a seed-breaking 12th-place finish.

-Tribe also finished with a perfect spirit score, which reflects reality and the Spirit Award should have just been issued with our tournament packet. Ramu Annamalai was the team’s individual Spirit Award nominee (note: there is no actual individual S.A. winner. We assume that all of them are already winners.).

-Nick Lance (1st), Jay Clark (1st) and Andrew Fish (2nd) were among the Southeast All-Region team members, as voted on by each team in the region.

Congratulations to new Tribe alumni Nick Lance, Ramu Annamalai, Andrew Fish, Taylor Rasco, Ryan Simmons, EJ Layne, and David Koch. Also thank you to existing alumni for their tutelage and support. Word on the street was that an original founder of GT Ultimate was in attendance in Boulder, along with several other fans and supporters. Thank you to Andrew Hollingworth, Hogan McHugh, and Michael Spear for flying to Boulder to coach and offer “sideline support”.

FEGOCON12 #suckitbambi

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